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Fixed Assets Tracking Made Easy

with Web Portal and Mobile Devices 

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With mobile devices (on Android Apps), it speeds up the process for your team to capture and update asset records. IQ-ATMS provides your team with an easy view on asset tagging assignments and update the assets tagging results effortlessly on their mobile devices.

Efficient Assets Verification

Simple User Interface

Simple user interface makes it easier for your team to capture relevant information at the point of assets verification with barcode and QR code scanning. Users can view asset attributes from mobile devices, verify and record updates at the asset location.

Moving Away from Tracking Assets on Spreadsheets

Benefits of IQ-ATMS 

  1. Easy setup with no IT required

  2. Centrally manage all the assets on its location, custodian, and cost

  3. Empower your team to take accountability to manage assets

  4. Speed up asset counting process with mobile devices

  5. Gain visibility to track fixed asset records 

  6. An integrated asset tagging management system that easily track your assets movement, and record fixed asset information from acquisition to retirement.

Cloud Web-based Portal

Cloud-based asset tagging and tracking system enables you to track your fixed asset records maintained in any branches, cost centers, and locations!

Complete with reporting to view your assets tagging results and have a whole picture on assets status update.

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