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Digitise Your Sales, Focus on Customer Experience

Smiling Coworker

Empower Your Office Team To Speed Up Orders Processing

Business Meeting

Focus on Customer Interactions

Constantly update your potential customers with essential information by knowing their preference and purchase history  

Packaging Factory

Effective Warehouse Management

 Inventories are stored before being dispatched to the final destination. Enhanced  supply chains with real-time data on inventory management and dispatch operations.

Benefits of Mobile Sales Apps

  1. Placing the orders is as convenient for your customer as possible 

  2. Allowing your customers to place orders in different ways to suit their needs 

  3. Integrating stock levels and customer-specific pricing from your back-end ERP system

  4. Reducing potential errors caused by redundant data entry

  5. Eliminating manual sales orders from sales calls, WhatsApp messages and multiple emails

Assessing Your Business Needs

  1. Do your sales teams handle different groups of customers by products, industries, regions? 

  2. Do your office teams taking much time to consolidate orders from different channels?

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