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Simplify Project Timesheet and Expense Tracking

Team Meeting

Optimise Timesheet Tracking

Our Timesheet & OPE Web Portal System provides easy timesheet entry for your teams to update efforts spent on projects and other tasks accurately and efficiently. Now your employees can enter all their time (including project hours, overhead/non-project time, and time off) and expenses in one simple user interface. 

Keep Track of Non-Project Work

Create specific tasks for different categories of non-project time, such as travel time, paid time off and time spent on administrative tasks and general office duties. 


Flexible Project Time and Expense Tracking

Track employee time by project and activity for non-project work, employees can enter Leave or Admin time.

Define user/project level approvals, amend approved timesheets, reject individual time entries on a timesheet.

Simplify reimbursement for project-related expenses.

Modern Digital Project Timesheet 

Benefits of IQ-TnE 

  1. Capture project timesheet and expense-related information

  2. Validate and manage timesheet approval

  3. Get a clear picture of employee working hours and productivity levels

  4. Easy reporting on employee time and expenses by project

  5. Provide insight into additional time employees could actually be spending on billable work

Cloud Web-based Portal

Our cloud-based Timesheet and OPE system provides easy timesheet entry and approval based on your unique business processes to prevent unexpected working times; capture custom rate types including overtime and onsite/offsite rates,


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