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Streamline Inventory Tracking and Reordering

Packages on Shelves

Track Your Inventory on Shop Floor,

in the Warehouse

With mobile devices (on Android Apps) and barcode scanning, IQ-STMS helps to you manage a centralized process to speed up the process of incoming and outgoing inventory. You can easily sync inventory data into one centralized system to ease cross-location management. Anyone working on-site can see the up-to-date situation in the warehouse. Thus, customer satisfaction by reducing time spent on resolving operational problems. 

Enable a More Efficient Inventory Tracking

Identify every item or batch with a unique code while you are adding it allows you to trace inventory movement and expiration date at any time. This cuts down errors to a minimum by displaying the critical information to track your inventory during pick, pack, ship cycle. If a data mismatch happens, you get to verify with the source of scanned data which gives you better traceability from using spreadsheets or traditional inventory tracking.


Efficient Inventory Made Easy

Benefits of IQ-STMS 

  1. Speed Up Inventory Tracking Processes

  2. Easily Locate Inventory in Multiple Warehouses

  3. Track Inventory Movements

  4. Optimize Inventory Purchasing  

  5. Minimize Out of Stock Situations

  6. Increase Accountability

  7. Minimize Paperwork

  8. Create One Central Inventory Database

Cloud Web-based Portal

Streamline warehousing, order fulfillment, and reporting, keeping your inventory data secure at every stage. IQ-STMS puts a more efficient tracking process to give you greater visibility and control over:

  • Inventory Counts

  • Good Receiving

  • Orders Picking

  • Warehouse Transfers

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