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Set Up Your Online Store, Sell Direct To Your Customers

Online Shopping


Staying competitive and staying relevant to transform your business. Important channel for manufacturers, industrial distributors, retailers. 

On the Phone

B2B & B2C Portal 

Focus on the customer experience, manage your relationships with different customers, distributors and partners from a single platform, and promise transparent delivery.

Empowering Your Customers & Sales Reps 

  • Free up buyers to shop at their convenience without a sales rep on-site

  • Self-service monitoring provides visibility into purchases, fulfillment status and more

  • Free up your sales reps’ time so they focus on key accounts, new customers and large orders

Packing services

Integrate E-Commerce with 

Back-end Operations

  1. Integrate with your ERP and other legacy systems

  2. Streamline your front and back-end operations 

  3. Seamlessly validate orders based on your business parameter

  4. Reduced duplication of efforts

  5. Increased customer service 

Assessing Integration Needs

  1. Do your teams check two or more databases to find out information about sales, inventory, shipping, etc.?

  2. Do your teams enter information from the e-commerce site into the back office database(s)?

  3. Do you have duplicate mailing lists between different types of customer lists?

  4. Do you get instant updates of the stock levels in e-commerce site and back-end application?

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