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With powerful and easy‑to‑use functionality encompassing financial management, business intelligence, and distribution management, 
Microsoft Dynamics GP is a business management solution designed to turn your business vision into reality.

Microsoft Dynamics GP - A Proven Solution for Your Financial & Distribution Management

Microsoft Dynamics GP with Full ERP Solutions

Dynamics GP provides you with ERP solutions for your business needs
Business Intelligence and Reporting for your business operations
You can now choose the deployment option that helps your business evolves 
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Go Beyond Reporting

  • 400+ built-in Microsoft Excel reports

  • All-in-one document viewer

  • Analyse large amounts of data

  • Create and analyse financial statements

  • Create and share executive dashboards

  • Forecast budgets with improved accuracy

  • Unlimited Management Reporter for designer and viewer users

  • Leveraging the power of SQL Reporting Services,
    Dynamics GP offers over 300 charts, graphs and reports through Reporting Services.

Rainbow Cubes

Financial Management

Analyze financial data by whatever criteria you require for greater reporting flexibility and extensibility. Track financial data by different dimensions, such as region or profit center, without adding to your chart of accounts.

Supply Chain Management

Automate time-consuming processes, increasing order accuracy, and reducing time spend handling stock, your organisation gains greater insight into every step of your supply chain, from purchase orders to returns.


 Manage materials, components, and assemblies with precision precisely including costs, locations, and routing sequences. Gain control of finished goods, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Project Accounting

Maintain tight control over project budget, costs, and ensure accurate billing and accounting through tight integration with financials, inventory, and accounts receivable.

Hosted (Subscription)

  • Help reduce your start-up costs by avoiding upfront hardware and software purchases.

  • Flexibility of only paying for the users that you use each month. 

  • Your system is safely hosted in compliant and highly secured cloud platforms, without having the concern of on premise hardware and its associated responsibilities.

Hosted (Your Own License)

  • Purchase the software and pay a monthly fee to have it run on servers at a secure data center either on a shared or dedicated server. 

  • You own the software and you do not need to purchase or maintain hardware infrastructure. 


  • Purchase the software and deploy at your location on your own server.

  • Software and hardware purchase can mean a large initial investment of funds.

  • You are responsible for all server maintenance, backups and other IT services.  

Consultation on Tablet
Bring greater control over your financials, sales, purchases, inventory and operations with Microsoft Dynamics GP, a business management solution that empowers informed decisions and leads to your business success.
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