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Simplify Staff Claim Submission and Approval

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Submit and Approve Staff Claims

from Anywhere

Gain visibility to employee expenses and process staff claims submission with accurate information.

  1. Submit claims on the go

  2. Upload receipts in a secure web portal

  3. Check claims submission status 

Our Staff Claims Web Portal System helps both admins and employees to view claims submission and approval such as accommodation, travelling, mileage, entertainment and so on.

Make Reimbursements Easy

Streamline claims approval process that gives your Finance team the greater visibility to analyse employee claims and expenses, and to ensure the compliance with claim policies.


Smarter Way to Track Staff Claims 

Benefits of Mobile Staff Claims 

  1. Speed up claims submission and processing

  2. Allocate claim expenses to cost center / departments

  3. Gain visibility to claimable expenses and spending limits

  4. Set multi-approval based on business rules 

  5. Keep track of virtually all the claim expenses across your business

  6. View reports on type of expenses

  7. Easy to deploy and configure to your claim policies and entitlements

Cloud Web-based Portal

Gaining advantage from a web-based portal, it is simple for employees to capture their expenses and submit claims, and for managers to approve and track claim expenses. Our Staff Claim Web Portal System can save your administrators time and efforts from unnecessary backlog and reimbursement inaccuracies.


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